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Check out the upcoming online summits detailed below to learn more about full wellness especially as it relates to Real Food & high nutrition.

















Click on the banners above (and below) or links below to find out more about That Vitamin Movie which runs for FREE VIEWING from January 02 to January 14. This is a preview for a March Summit on the power of Vitamins and Supplements including why they are so necessary in our modern depleted food system.






And the Microbiome Medicine Summit from February 29 to March 7, listen for free (limited time); register now for free gifts & bonuses.


Did you know that your body is filled with bacteria? According to research we are 50% bacteria! These trillions of organisms (known collectively as the microbiome) live all over our bodies and have a profound influence on our health. But what do you know about your microbiome? Understanding your microbiome is vitally important to understanding how to live a healthy life! This is especially true for people suffering from chronic diseases of the heart and digestive system, autoimmune disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders and more. These conditions are by and large preventable–learn more online for free at Micrombiome Medicine Summit, February 29-March 7, 2016!​ Join with me!


















Here’s a look at what you’ll discover at Forget Weight Loss Summit: • The weight loss industry has been luring you into a cycle of eating less and exercising more that causes you to lose weight, regain it, beat yourself up and start all over again. It gives you false hope! Even worse, because of this failed approach, there are more people sick and overweight today than ever before. Fortunately, the Forget Weight Loss Forever Project is here to help • And much more… This event airs for free online from March 28 – April 4 . But you have to RSVP to save your spot.


It’s quite astonishing when you think about it, but more people are affected by Lyme disease each year than breast cancer, yet we rarely think about Lyme as the cause of our medical maladies. Have you been misdiagnosed? Or have unexplainable symptoms? It could be Lyme disease! Discover more online at the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit, online and free from April 4-11, 2016.











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Mental Wellness Summit
Abundant Energy Summit
Abundant Energy Summit

Now available (menu below)!

Vegetarian, vegan, raw/cru, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, corn-free, rice-free, sugar-free, well... everything but taste-free!


Fresh on Tuesdays & Fridays at Quintal Bioshop Cafe in Porto on Rua do Rosario 177 at the corner of Miguel Bombarda (in the Artes District).


Zucchini/Courgette Rolls (Roses) and Seed Patés in limited supplies, for same-day take-away too (email to discover what is possible those days).


Or order directly for parties, potlucks, for lunch or dinner for you & loved ones, with 48 hours notice (€10 minimum).


These are great picnic/hiking foods or even better healthful & tasty travel, especially airplane food (your seatmates will be envious).




Raw dessert treats and...


Truly gluten-free crackers too (no grains, zero rice, corn, soy nor oats in these wonderful crunchy & chewy crackers, perfect for pairing up with the Patés and Hummus or just as a snack on their own)! Four flavors, the current crowd favorite TurmericThyme (Tomilho); Savory Pumpkin & Sage; and the up & coming new sensation, the sweeter Alfarroba & Cacao.


Even more flavors soon including raw Onion Bread and Pera Rocha bolachas.


Current Menu


Zucchini Roses 1.75 ea or 3/5.00 or 7/10.00

Lasagna Puffs 1.75 ea or 3/5.00 or 7/10.00

Heart Beets  2/1.75 or 6/5.00 or 14/10.00

Raw Marinara Sauce 100g 2.25 or 200g 4.00

Raw Cashew Cheese Whip 100g 3.00 or 200g 5.50

Raw Beanless Hummus 100g 2.25 or 200g 4.00

Sunflower Seed Paté 100g 2.25 or 200g 4.00

Pumpkin Seed Paté 100g 2.75 or 200g 5.00

Walnut Basil Pesto 100g 3.50 or 200g 6.50

Hazelnut Arugula Pesto 100g 3.50 or 200g for 6.50

Guacamole 100g 3.50 or 200g for 6.50


Truly Gluten-Free Buckwheat &

   Sunflower Seed Crackers

   10 for 4.00 or 20 for 7.50

Flavors include original Turmeric & Onion, Alfarroba (Carob) & Cacao, Pumpkin & Pear, and Thyme Garlic (minimum 10 per flavor unless they are already made)


And a Bit on the Sweeter Side...

Raw Chocolate Brownie Bites 2/1.00 or 5/2.00

Raw Spicy Fig Truffles 3/1.00 or 7/2.00

Raw Vegan Ice Cream 100g - 2.25 or 200g for 4.00

Persimmon (Diospora) Pudding 100g 2.25 or 200g 4.00

Chocomole/Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse (Seasonal Pricing).


Sprouts (when available) 1.75 per container

Alfalfa; Alfalfa/Clover/Radish Mix; Lentil (red, green and/or brown); Mung Bean; Pea Shoots, Sunflower Seed Shoots


Special orders can also include a cleansing green soup; a gaspacho; rawtatouille; cucumber salad; guacamole; chia puddings; seasonal flavored ice creams; and more with prices dependent on quantity and season. 


Minimum 48 hours notice (or see if there are extra from deliveries on Tuesdays and Fridays).


Container charges may apply to some dishes (50¢ to €1 per item depending on size but these are good reusable containers (bring them back clean for refilling for your next order & no container charge).



High vibrational food treated with upmost respect. All nuts and seeds are soaked and when possible sprouted for maximum nutrition and digestibility. Organic and local Portuguese when possible.


This is artisanal food so will be different from day to day depending on ingredients and seasons



How to find healthy events in Porto (and surrounding areas)? Well, we are still young but growing quickly. Come join in to find out what's going on in town and meet others like you to socialize and talk healthy with!


Next up celebrate an early Spring return with a Gourmet Raw Pizza Lunch at Quintal After Hours, Sunday afternoon on March 13th (click the links for more info on the great menu for the day).


And please come by the Mercado ComPaixão at the PAN offices on Saturday, March, 5th. We'll have both kinds of zucchini rolls, mini cheesecakes, spicy fig truffles, crackers in at least 2 flavors, cashew cheese, seed patés, fresh sprouts, and more! And that is just our table. 


Looking forward to meeting you!



New classes scheduled soon for sprouting & fermented foods especially + more (what would you like to learn?)


Coming Soon - Let's talk about our THYROID health


The above classes at Quintal Bioshop starting at 8pm and come with a light snack to back up the lessons. Register/Inscribe via Quintal (Rua do Rosario & Miguel Bombarda).



Past classes at Casa da Horta and Quintal in Porto in the last year (to give you an idea of what is possible):


May 30 - Raw Food Basics*

June 6 - Sprouting 101*

June 13 - Fermented Foods Nature's Probiotics*

June 16 - Sprouting Nuts, Seeds, Beans **

June 20  - Healthier Snacks (+ Gluten-Free)*

June 22 - Raw for Everyday **


November 17 - Let's talk about this GLUTEN Thing!

November 18 - FERMENTED VEGGIES; Nature's Probiotics

November 24 - Let's talk about our THYROID health

January 12 - Let's talk about this GLUTEN Thing!

February 06 - FERMENTED VEGGIES; Nature's Probiotics

February 13 - SIMPLE SPROUTING; Easy Greens


* = Casa da Horta

** = Quintal Bioshop


All food is vegetarian & gluten-free*


*Also corn, rice, soy, dairy, sugar-free yet still full of taste!


Coaching & Group Coaching

Maximizing health and nutrition, helping to solve problems with eating and health and guide into how to impliment new beneficial yet delicious eating habits into your new normal.


Let me help you to get inspired & excited on a new journey, whether you want to release unwanted extra weight, improve health concerns, just feel & perform better and/or just hope to live life to the fullest.


Specializing in gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, & other elimination diets plus vegetarian, and vegan.


But of course you do not have to do all of them.


Private Chef Services

For those who need or want highly nutritious yet satisfying food ready for them without all the worries, there is also the option of private chef services.


Coming Soon!

Weekly food subscription. Get a raw, vegan, gluten-free, live assortment of foods to supplement your busy week with easy to eat healthy "slow food" made fast for you. Can include a raw soup, main dish, crackers & a dessert treat.


Increase your veggie intake and hence your fiber and nutrients without stressing yet still full flavor and enjoyment.


Click on Sign-up to be notified of when the subscription starts so you can be a part and/or to get on the Cruioso mailing list.




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